Who am I?

What I do…

In general I work only for Open-Source/Free-Software and non-profit projects and do not get any money.

  • wiki.natenom.de/mumble – I created the largest German documentation about Mumble – an open source VoIP client.
  • wiki.natenom.de – The rest of my wiki also contains a lot of stuff, mostly German but also English.
  • blog.natenom.com – My blog about Mumble, Open Source, Linux, Creative Commons music, photography and more.
  • A Mumble server with a nice community which I started in 2009.
  • On my Github profile you can access all my projects,. for example some modules for the Mumble Moderator which enhances the functionalities of the Mumble server called Murmur.
  • Mumble – Did I mention that I am addicted to the Mumble project?

If you like any of my work or my project please consider to donate in order to support me paying my servers.

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Have a nice day :)